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What Do Wedding Flowers Mean?

Flowers are an intrinsic part of pretty much any wedding that is being taken seriously. However, have you ever wondered why the flowers are a part of the ceremony in the first place? Moreover, why are those specific flowers picked for the bouquet, why not other flowers? There is a very selective set of flowers that you can use in a wedding bouquet after all, so there is clearly some history and context there that would help you better understand the way that the modern western wedding has developed over the last few years.

That being said, there are options that you can choose based on what each flower means in a specific context. Here are the flowers you can choose from and what they mean:

Baby’s Breath

This perennial flower is a big hit for people that want a delicate white to go with the theme of their wedding. White is always welcome in a wedding setting, but Baby’s Breath is also popular because of the fact that it symbolizes innocence which is a good way to kick your married life off. After all, the wedding itself is one of the most innocent expressions of love there is.

Calla Lily

This is a great option for people that are having a wedding in the summer or spring because of the fact that this flower blooms during those seasons. The flower represents beauty, which is one of the best words that any groom can use to describe his bride. The flower is colored a beautiful shade of purple which also makes it a great choice for bridesmaids since purple is a very popular color for bridesmaids to wear and this flower is going to match perfectly with them which can help make the theme seem a bit more cohesive.


These flowers are often thought to be too stuffy and old school to be a part of weddings, but the fact of the matter is that they have been historically popular in a wedding setting and are particularly special because of the fact that they come in different colors with each color meaning something different. A pink carnation represents a bold personality, something that a lot of men find attractive in women. Red carnations symbolize something a lot more straightforward: love, which is after all what weddings are all about at the end of the day.


This is another white flower that would go well with any bride’s gorgeous dress. What’s more is that the flower symbolizes prosperity. This is something that every couple that has ever gotten married has hoped to achieve, so it is a good symbol to have on you on your wedding day. The important thing to remember is that the flower will help improve the aesthetics of the wedding as well. This will help make it rise above its symbolism and become a legitimately useful part of the decorations that your wedding will incorporate.