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Wedding Dress Studio, The iPad App For Brides-To-Be

Wedding Dress Studio, the iPad app for brides-to-be.

Dress shopping, of course, is an exciting part of wedding planning.

But, finding out which wedding dress styles work on your shape can be a big ole pain. Now, a new and free app is hoping to point brides in the right direction before they even have to step foot in a bridal shop.

The iPad app is called Wedding Dress Studio.

It uses fabric remapping technology, allowing users to virtually try on dress styles to figure out which cuts are best suited for their body types.

Users just upload a full body photo and adjust their shoulder and hip points to get the perfect fit for each style. The app then lets people choose silhouette, neckline, fabric and even some extra bling for their dress, if they want it.

Wedding Dress Studio has nearly 300 customization options.

The executive director of Wedding Dress Studio is hoping this app helps make the dress shopping process a little less overwhelming.