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Free Torrent Downloading Sites That You Should Check Out!

Did you use to be a faithful user of Kickass Torrent until it got shut down due to the issues of it being illegal? Did you then, like many, found a new home at The Pirate Bay? Do you, like many of its users, constantly pull out your hair in frustration when The Pirate Bay is down every other day which makes it hard for you to download your favorite movies and TV shows? If you have answered yes to all of the above-asked questions then you should definitely keep on reading, as today, we have for you, a list of reliable torrent websites that you can check out when The Pirate Bay is down.

Technology now has us surrounded from all four corners, literally. There is almost nothing that we use now which isn’t at least in some way supported with the use of technology. As we all know, technology aims to simplify life which is why torrents came into being. However, despite their knack of coming in handy, they are illegal in a wide range of countries – you can get a fine of up to 3000 Euros in Germany for just downloading a single movie. Thus, you must stay safe by taking the use of VPNs.

Following are some of the alternative websites. For more detail, visit https://8bitsumo.com/torrent-sites/.


YTS is a torrent website which is solely limited to movies. It contains some high-quality movies ranging from 720p to even 3D. Apart from good quality, YTS even lists the movie’s IMD ratings and comments from downloaders.


Zooqle is a relatively new torrent website. However, due to its incredible user-friendly features, it is quickly climbing up the ladder of fame. Zooqle will have your favorite movies and TV shows and it will also give you suggestions when you type into the search box.