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Common Household Pests

While some of us actually enjoy feeding some wild animals in their backyards, others are trying to all they can to keep animals off of their property. It’s not that some people just hate animals, it’s just that some animals can really cause a lot of trouble once we let them get too close to where we live and eat. You might like waking up to the cheerful sound of birds singing in the morning but you wouldn’t want to be woken up by the clatter of your trashcans when the raccoons start invading at 3 AM.

There is some kind of animals that become pests really easily and as such, you’d want to do all you can to keep them away from your home. Once a pest starts dwelling in your home, it might not leave as easily. The obvious best thing to do when you’re dealing with pests is to call for pest and rodent control – birds, racoons, squirrels, pigeons – all of these animals can be pests. Here’s how.


Birds are cute and really pretty to look at but once they start blocking your ventilation shafts and exhaust fans with their nesting material, you won’t be too pleased with them.


Squirrels, like birds, are very interesting and adorable critters but only when they aren’t nesting in the walls of your home. They can cause as much property damage as mice can when they start chewing through wood.


Pigeons aren’t really viewed as a pest by most people but if you have a flock of pigeons nesting on your roof, you’ll have bird poop and feathers everywhere. Pigeons are probably one of the messiest birds out there. You might have to call for pest control if they get out of hand.